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Four years of full time travel has allowed us to live a life of freedom. With all of its challenges, we were rewarded with new and exciting experiences, and sometimes, opportunities. We’ve visited the lower 48, explored 37 National Parks and driven thousands of miles of this beautiful country. From buying our RV to selling it, we’ve gathered some insights we would love to share with you as a full time travel guide.

There are plenty of in-depth resources available, but we wanted to contribute to the full time community and help those who want to experience the open road with some of our hard-earned insights. We won’t be going into detail on different types of rigs, but we will share our experience in our used Class-C. We won’t give you a guide on everything there is to do in a National Park, but we will share the ones we liked and why.

Imagine it this way, it’s all of us sitting around a fire sharing our journey and some of our experiences. We can’t wait to toast some ‘mellows and talk full timing!

We’ll be talking about:

Full Time Travel in a Class C RV

You’ll find a summary of our experience traveling full time in our Class C RV; the good, the bad and what we would have done differently.

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RV Camping Insights

The most advantageous aspect of traveling in your RV is that your home is conveniently placed upon wheels. Let us share some insights around our favorite aspect of full timing in our full time travel guide.

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Full Time Travel Planning

We’ve planned intricate routes. We’ve left our hometown with barely an agenda. We would recommend trying both! Don’t worry fireside-chat friends, we will share stories for each.

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This Blog isn’t a “How-To”, It’s Our Insights from 4 Years of Full Time Traveling

We seriously hope you enjoy our insights and stories around traveling the US in 28 feet of space. It changed our lives and we hope we can inspire the next family to do the same. Safe travels!

Our favs for you

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  • and more on it’s way!

Our mission? To get you on the road.

We want to keep the dream going. We want to share insights, awesome spots, and keep pushing our creativity with our fellow campers.

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