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Simply put, this is our continuous journey to achieving our ideal lives by living extra. A place where friends and family can follow along as we try and outstretch our souls and hearts to obtain a life we perceive as our best selves and setup. This isn’t just for the adults behind this blog, but for our daughter as well! “That’s so extra”, our niece once said to us, and it stuck. Some things are more than the status quo, as illustrated by a teenager and her meta phrasing. We have an amazing family, supportive friends, a beautiful daughter and this journey is towards more. More outdoor living. More travel. More time as a family.

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Living Extra with Our Small Family
Kayla was paddle boarding while pregnant!

What does “living extra” mean to us?

It means living our lives more on our terms, devoid of some of the preconceived notions a young family might be expected to follow.

We’re not saying we are going to quit our jobs and spend it all on travel, as things like health insurance and having savings are really important to us. However, we can choose where to work our jobs and what our surroundings are. We can choose what we do after work hours, like indoor rock climbing, a quick beach visit to watch the sunset and maybe an afternoon hike.

Here’s our living extra blueprint:
  1. We must create the most unique life for our family, especially our daughter
  2. Have a home base: We would like an affordable house, which in turn, would give us flexibility mortgage wise
  3. We need to be able to travel for long stretches of time, so we can not feel stagnant
  4. Lastly, we must continuously grow empathy for others so we can show our daughter what being human is all about

This page will be our dedicated spot, our homely hub, that will document our progress to our living extra lifestyle. Follow along, and hopefully we can inspire you to live your extraordinary life you’ve always dreamed of. If you’d like to learn more about travel experience, start here!

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Our mission? To get you on the road.

We want to keep the dream going. We want to share insights, awesome spots, and keep pushing our creativity with our fellow campers.

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